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Bronwyn's Council Preview

The Ames City Council meeting starts at 6:00. The agenda includes:


  • 1. Discussion with Consultant Regarding Complete Streets Plan.
    A Complete Streets Plan has been in the works for several years and at a recent Council meeting we awarded a contract to Toole Design to help us craft it. At this workshop, we'll be brought up to speed on what a Complete Streets Policy is and isn't. For example, a CS policy doesn't mean prescribing a bike lane on every street, rather, it is a process that should help in the creation of complete networks for all types of users while minimizing the impact on the predominate mode of transportation (cars). There will be a public input session to solicit input on the Complete Streets Policy in October and another in the Spring to get feedback on the plan, which we hope to have completed by August of 2018.
  • 2. Planning Division Work Plan.
    This second agenda item may look routine, but don't be fooled...the priorities of the Planning Department can have a long-lasting impact on the development of Ames. Council will look at prior established priorities (Lincoln Way Corridor Study, 321 State affordable housing, East Industrial infrastructure, etc.) as well as up and coming topics to be addressed by Planning (rental occupancy, for example). Staff believe they can add a project or two to this year's work-plan, but Council will have to carefully determine which take priority, as we can't do everything we'd like to all at once.

Thanks for reading,
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
City Council At-Large

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