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Bronwyn's Council Preview

The Ames City Council meeting starts at 6:00. The agenda includes:


  • 23. Options for limiting occupancy for rental units.
    As part of our ongoing discussions regarding rental regulations, Council is considering three related but distinct issues; how to regulate occupancy of each rental unit (i.e., adults per square foot, per parking space, or per bedroom), how to regulate the overall percentage of rentals within a given geographic area, and how to step up enforcement efforts of current rental codes.
  • 24. Aquatic Facilities Options.
    We're in the middle of our planning study for the Healthy Life Center, and now we need to decide what size of pool we want before the consultant can proceed with final estimates. Rough cost estimates are included for the facility are approaching $50 million, even with the smallest proposed size of pool.
  • 25. Amendment to Depot Development Agreement.
    Earlier in 2017, Council agreed to an updated development agreement for the Depot which would allow some of the parking to be reserved for private use. Staff want to make sure that language requiring building entrances to face public streets is retained in the updated agreement.
  • 26. CDBG Homebuyer Assistance Program Resale and Recapture Provisions in connection with development of 321 State Avenue.
    Because the affordable homes at 321 State Ave. are subsidized, the City has an interest in the re-selling of these properties. Council will consider how we pursue the recapture of these funds over time. For example, if the City subsidizes a property for the amount of $15,000, and that property gets resold the following year, it would be reasonable for the City to expect some of its $15k back. On the other hand, if a property is owned by one family for a longer time (over 10 years, say), staff are proposing a reduced payback penalty. 
  • 28. Hearing on Major Site Development Plan (MSDP) for two eight-unit apartment buildings to be located at 3305 Aurora Avenue and 3315 Aurora Avenue.
    These apartment buildings to the south of Oakwood Rd and west of University Blvd look similar to a neighboring apartment building that was approved at the last council meeting. They feature metal materials on parts of the exterior, in an effort to build something that doesn't look identical to other apartment buildings.

Thanks for reading,
Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen
City Council At-Large

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