Campus and Community Commission


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Bronwyn's Council Preview

The City Council meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. this Tuesday at city hall. The agenda includes (but is not limited to):

  • 25. Campus and Community Commission.

    • The CCC was tasked with examining community inclusiveness, and after several meetings on the topic, they are reporting back with several suggestions. These suggestions include an event series promoting inclusiveness and adopting principles used by ISU.

    • Council will also need to give feedback if we have further questions on the inclusiveness topic, or if the CCC should move on to another task, such as parking, renter/tenant relations, or others. 

  • 26. Staff Report regarding Human Services Capital Grant Program funding.

    • In 2017, Council initiated a pilot program creating a grant program for human service agencies to complete capital improvements projects. At the time, we set aside $500k, though only used half of it in the first year of the program.

    • Now Council will decide if the program (administered by United Way) should continue with the second half of funding from the original allocation. 

Non-Agenda Packet: The following items are requests and communications to the council that are not on the agenda.  This includes staff reports and communications/request from constituents/developers. By tradition the council can ask city staff for more information (a report), put the item on a future agenda for discussion or just accept the communication (taking no further action). This usually takes place at the end of the meeting during council comments.

  • Library Annual Report
    This report summarizes the past year's figures from the library, such as # of items checked out, visitors, volunteer hours, and other usage data.
  • P & H Memo 4415 Lincoln Way front yard set back
    This staff memo is in response to a request to allow a six-foot fence in front yard setbacks.
  • P & H Memo Champlin Loynd ANX
    This staff memo is in response to a request to annex approximately 160 acres of land to the southwest of Ames. 
  • S. Burgason - ANX - Frame
    This letter from Steve Burgason requests direction on a pre-annexation agreement for just over 150 acres of land south of Ames.
  • Al Warren - 2334 Storm Street
    This letter from Al requests Council consider a way to allow him to count the bedrooms he was adding to his property during our recent moratorium on the expansion of rentals in near-campus neighborhoods.
  • Fareway Remote Parking
    This letter from Fareway requests access to 15-20 metered or City parking spaces during their construction period.

Thanks for reading,

Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen

At-Large Council Member