Nutrient Reduction Feasibility, Sewer Rehab in Munn Woods

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Bronwyn's Council Preview

The City Council meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. this Tuesday at city hall. The agenda includes (but is not limited to):

  • 9. Resolution approving submission of Nutrient Reduction Feasibility Study for the Water Pollution Control Facility to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

    • In an anticipated change to the State permitting requirements for waste water, the City has preemptively started a Nutrient Reduction Feasibility Study. Once this report has been accepted by the Iowa DNR, the City will be obligated to make good on the necessary $40 million in maintenance and upgrades to the Water Pollution Control Facility. 

  • 14. Requests for Ames Pridefest on September 7, 2019.

    • This request would typically fall on our consent agenda, except for the fact that Ames Pride is requesting the waiver of all parking meter fees downtown for the day of their event. (Typically, Council considers waiving parking meter fees for events downtown, but usually only in the event area.)

  • 19. Third passage and adoption of “Game Day Parking” ORDINANCE NO. 4379.

    • Upon 3rd passage, Ames will now have a $40 "Game Day" parking fee. The prior fee was apparently not disincentive enough to prevent illegal parking on game days, we will see if a $40 fee is more disuassive. 

  • 20. Update on regulation of short-term rentals.

    • At a November meeting last year, Council directed staff to investigate allowing short-term rentals (such as Airbnbs) within apartment buildings. This staff report includes a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Commission to proceed, with certain limitations placed on such short-term rentals.

  • 21. Resolution approving 2019 Urban Revitalization tax abatement requests.

    • Each year, the City Council approves tax abatements for eligible properties within URAs (urban revitalization areas). Council is being asked to approve two requests for tax abatement this year, one for Aspen Heights and one for "The Union" at 2700 Lincoln Way. Aspen Heights was denied their tax abatement last year because they hadn't enrolled in the City's required 'crime-free housing program'. This year, staff report both properties are in compliance with their abatement criteria.

  • 23. Discussion regarding Resident Satisfaction Survey 2019.

    • In each annual survey of citizen satisfaction there are questions that Council adds or changes, depending on issues or questions which are relevant for that year's survey. Last year, at the request of Healthiest Ames, there were several questions about citizens' health habits. This agenda item is the time dedicated to reviewing and modifying these 'extra' questions. 

  • 24. Hearing on Environmental Information regarding improvements to sanitary sewer system for Munn Woods and Emma McCarthy Lee Park.

    • This public hearing is required before the City can proceed with sewer improvements in Munn Woods/Emma McCarthy Lee Park. The design was approved in 2016, and at least two meetings with neighbors have been held. This project will include the construction of a new trail through the area. 

Non-Agenda Packet: The following items are requests and communications to the council that are not on the agenda.  This includes staff reports and communications/request from constituents/developers. By tradition the council can ask city staff for more information (a report), put the item on a future agenda for discussion or just accept the communication (taking no further action). This usually takes place at the end of the meeting during council comments.

  • Transitional Locations
    • This is a memo from staff in response to concerns from SCAN about "transitional letters of compliance", and how they work in neighborhoods with a rental cap. 
  • Rental Map
    • Rental Data 1
    • Rental Data 2
    • Rental Data 3
    • ​This is a quarterly report requested by Council detailing applications for rental letters of compliance both in capped neighborhoods and non-capped neighborhoods.

Thanks for reading,

Bronwyn Beatty-Hansen

At-Large Council Member