Ordinance pertaining to Fats, Oils, and Grease

The Ames City Council begins at 7:00.  The agenda includes:

  • Item 28 -- Northridge Heights Subdivision, 17th Addition. Some of the last lots to be developed in Northridge Heights.

  • Item 29 -- Scenic Valley Subdivision, 1st Addition. While Hunziker Devleopment is including more cul-de-sacs than have been seen in an Ames development in years. While those who live at the end of a cul-de-sac usually love it, such elements create disconnected streets, create poor pedestrian and bike routes and intensity traffic patterns as there are fewer routes to arterial streets. The argument has been that the unique topography of the development would have been less dense without such cul de sacs.

  • Item 30 -- Presentation of results of Resident Satisfaction Survey. My favorite result is that 55% of respondents believed that The City of Ames should withhold incentives from developers, for which they would typically be eligible, if development occurs in a flood plain, while only 18% disagreed. 

  • Item 32 -- Resolution approving funding for facilitation of HIRTA-related issues. HIRTA has been experiencing multiple issues related to providing services to the Story County area. This effort will be to clarify expectations among agencies whose clients depend on HIRTA's services and to determine if a plan can be put in place to provide the needed services with the existing capacity of HIRTA. Such collaboration could be a great step forward.

  • Item 33--Presentation of revisions to Vending Code. An issue near and dear to my heart. These affordable incubator style opportunities, available to anyone willing to stay up late, keep Campustown interesting and unique. These changes will hopefully create another 25 years of successful startup restaurants in Campustown.

  • Item 38 -- First passage of Ordinance pertaining to Fats, Oils, and Grease. I love an ordinance that focuses on Fats, Oils and Grease, keeping them out of the sewer and giving restaurateurs choices with how they intend to meet the expectations. Thanks to City Staff for their hard work on working closely with members of the hospitality community to produce a fair yet effective ordinance.

Thanks for reading,

Matthew Goodman

City Council At-Large


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