Public Input on Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and Budget


The Ames City Council begins at 5:15 PM  Feb 10th.  The agenda includes:


Budget wrap-up

  • Item 1 -- Council Budget Presentations for Arts Funding (COTA), Human Services (ASSET), Public Art and Outside Funding Requests

  • Item 2 -- Public Input on Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and Budget

    • Flood Mitigation-While I have been opposed to this project since council first included it in the CIP 2 years ago, staff added new information to the discussion in the last 2 weeks. It appears there may be a cost savings to the Grand Avenue Extension resulting from the flood mitigation work that could more than offset the local match. The council has the opportunity tonight to wait on the design of the mitigation project until the results of the Grand Avenue savings can be determined. This seems a reasonable course.

    • I love this graph. You can see exactly where your dollars go. If you have a $250,000 house take the numbers and multiply them by 2.5 and that is the city portion you pay for that service.


Regular City Council meeting will immediately follow Budget Wrap-Up.