Affordable housing, airports and garbage containers, oh my!

The Ames City Council begins at 7:00 PM  May 12th.  The agenda includes items:

  • 42. Report on curbside garbage container options. In some neighborhoods garbage containers remain at the street longer than some may desire. Enforcing existing ordinances on this front is on a complaint basis, but this can be unfair and inconsistent in its results.

  • 43. Affordable housing redevelopment of 519 - 521 6th Street. The City of Ames may support a Request for Proposal for an affordable housing project across from City Hall. As such housing is desperately needed, this represents and exciting opportunity for those in need of housing and the private sector to bring their skills to bear on this problem.

  • 44. Staff Report on Right-of-Way Improvements. Recently the Ames City Council made headway on infrastructure in new subdivisions. However, there was not support for requiring sidewalks on both sides of the street in industrial areas. As sidewalks give safe access to those in our community who cannot afford vehicles, or choose to use other transportation modes for reasons of health or sustainability, safe and reasonable access to all parts of the community is important. Large, noisy and dangerous traffic permeates industrial areas. In the winter, when the roads are icy and slushy, having safe sidewalk infrastructure on both sides of the road has great value to those who need it. Not supporting such infrastructure can marginalize some members of our community.

  • 46. Resolution approving location for Ames Municipal Airport terminal building and hangar. Details on the $2.4 million dollar investment by the City of Ames in a new Airport Terminal. Why is $2.4 million the right number you might ask? I wouldn't know, the question has never been answered.

  • 50. Hearing on Grant Avenue (Hyde Avenue) Pavement Improvements. First bill coming for northern growth, and its higher than expected.